What does it mean when you appeal to something?

To appeal means to ask or to address. If you appeal to someone's best nature, you're asking them for mercy. If you don't like a shirt, you can also say that it doesn't speak to you or, more simply, that you don't like it. Soliciting donations for a charity is an example of appeal.

Rodríguez is currently awaiting the outcome of the appeal in his case, a process that has been delayed by more than six months. The United States has received an urgent appeal from the Greek government for financial and economic assistance. A fiery crimson color shone on Wharton's cheek as Luis uttered this ardent call to friendship and to Heaven. Platforms should also create complaint systems that notify users within 14 days of the removal of their content and provide for appeals.

No matter the flavor, they lack the stickiness of marshmallow and the cloying sweetness of Rice Krispies treats, as well as the appeal of selling baked goods. An appeal is the legal process for asking a higher court to review a decision of a lower court judge (trial court) because you believe the judge made a mistake. If a lawyer appeals a court conviction against her client, she asks a higher court to dismiss the decision. That's when she first heard Mom's passionate call to never let Judy forget Mom.

Tichina Arnold might be the funniest person on screen, and much of her appeal comes from her willingness to tell things like they are. The superior court, which may be called the court of appeal, court of appeal or supreme court, examines the “record”, which includes the transcript, evidence and documents of the trial court, and decides whether the judge made certain errors that need to be corrected. A blockbuster movie that is watched by a billion people is an example of a film that has great appeal to many people. More specifically, Huckabee has a natural appeal for a party that has come to represent the majority of white working-class voters.

While nature speaks this way to a child through its light, its color and its various forms, human art is also attractive.

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