Who pays for curb appeal?

Technically, homeowners whose real estate appears on the sidewalk are considered contractors, which means they must be compensated. In practice, they are compensated for exactly the same amount they have to pay contractors, which is actually a decent deal depending on the exact changes that have been made to their homes. Better yet, this saves a lot of time and effort for all parties involved in the process. In May of this year, the editorial staff of Discovery published a statement about Curb Appeal Xtreme, a spin-off of Curb Appeal on HGTV.

It will focus on maximizing outdoor living spaces, all in order to maximize the potential and value of different homes in Nashville, Tennessee. Buyers won't want to pay out of pocket for a new roof after entering a home, unless they're getting a good offer. Interestingly, the Curb Appeal images are not recorded in the same order as when displayed on the TV screen. As a result, viewers tend to have a distorted picture of who actually lives in the same neighborhoods as the real estate properties featured in Curb Appeal.

This can be seen on Curb Appeal, as well as several of its other programs, including, but not limited to, House Hunters, Property Brothers and Love It Or List It. Robert Johnson, founder of Sawinery, says that “external appeal is an essential part of creating value in a home. To get a complete picture of the attractive exterior of the house, drive down the street and take note of the first thing that stands out when you arrive. Curb Appeal flaunts to consult homeowners about the changes that will be made to them.

This way, Curb Appeal manages to stay cool despite its age, although the ever-changing locations are also useful in this regard. That said, eye-catching images that highlight the curb appeal of your home are an absolute must if you want potential buyers to be interested. For the most part, the cast of Curb Appeal does little work on the houses that are changed on the show. Therefore, if you want to maximize the value of your property, it's wise to focus on improving its curb appeal.

Suzanne Richards
Suzanne Richards

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