Does curb appeal add value to a home?

You've probably heard the phrase “first impressions matter, and that's true, especially when selling a home. According to a study conducted by Michigan State University, a home with a landscape design and reduced effort on sight can increase the perceived value of a home by 5 to 11%. Curb appeal can also sell a house faster. Homes with great curb appeal have higher prices and take less time to sell.

But which projects increase outward appeal the most? These are financially smart ways to increase your home's net worth. There's not much to see from the outside and the owner has to do himself a big favor by improving the curb appeal. Investing time and money in the interior is important, but it will be worth improving its external appeal to attract potential buyers. For those interested in selling, it's important to know the effect that the Internet's curb appeal has on a home.

The color and condition of your home's exterior, the landscape, and the overall maintenance of the property's exterior contribute to its exterior appeal. We've found some ways you can improve the curb appeal of your home or development to add more value. Therefore, if you want to maximize the value of your property, it's wise to focus on improving its curb appeal. If you would like advice on improvements you can make to increase the attractiveness of your home, call us.

Homes are generally valued based on the condition and characteristics of the home's interior, making it difficult for financial institutions to measure exactly how much external appeal adds to the value of the property. Many homebuyers see curb appeal as an indication of how meticulous it is to maintain other parts of their home. Your curb appeal should begin with the condition of the grass, landscape, and any other foliage near the front of the property. If you're selling your home, adding curb appeal can increase the value of your home by 3% to 5%, according to Consumer Reports.

Suzanne Richards
Suzanne Richards

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