Is curb appeal still on tv?

Get automatic notifications when the release date for Curb Appeal Xtreme Season 2 is announced See how I took my front porch from a “before” to an “after” and get my tips for increasing curb appeal and DIY ideas. Curb Appeal fans already know John Gidding, and it's great to hear that he's back for the spin-off. In addition to airing on HGTV, each new episode of Curb Appeal Xtreme will be available on Discovery+ on Wednesdays starting September 1.The fan-favorite exterior renovation series, Curb Appeal, will take a new twist on the new HGTV series Curb Appeal Xtreme, which will premiere on Wednesday. The series focuses on helping homeowners improve the curb appeal of their property by creating and installing beautiful landscaping designs.

The original series Curb Appeal was filmed in the San Francisco area, but HGTV decided to say goodbye to the West Coast when it came to shooting this spin-off. If you're the type of person who likes TV shows to have long seasons, you'll probably be a little disappointed to learn that the first season of Curb Appeal Xtreme will only have six episodes. From classic to bold, show off your style by taking inspiration from these outdoor paint color combinations that offer great curb appeal. Although Jamie has previously worked with HGTV, Curb Appeal Xtreme marks the first time Rachel has worked on a television show.

If you've seen the original Curb Appeal, then you know that many of the projects in that series are quite complex. But what makes this new series so different from the original? Read on to learn about some of the differences between Curb Appeal and Curb Appeal Xtreme. By helping homeowners turn their gardens into their personal oasis, Curb Appeal Xtreme adds many challenging elements to the classic HGTV series.

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