Who is the woman on curb appeal extreme?

Rachel Taylor, from Xtreme, from HGTV, talks about her experiences as a black carpenter in a world that normally consists of white men. When it comes to HGTV, the first thing that can come to mind is to transform homes. Whether inside or out, these houses simply aren't the same once they appear online. But there are many other aspects of a property besides the actual structure.

In a new HGTV show called Curb Appeal Xtreme, the focus isn't exactly on the house. Instead, the professionals here work in the front and back yards. One of the professionals in the program is carpenter Rachel Taylor. Now, fans are looking to learn more about her.

Is she married? Do you have children? Find out below. Thanks to Curb Appeal Xtreme, Rachel will make her first appearance on HGTV. He has been in the carpentry business for decades and always shows the progress of different projects and the before and after on Instagram. She also uses her platform to talk about being a woman in a male-dominated industry.

In the post, Rachel not only mentioned that she is 5'10 years old and that her son easily overcomes her, but she also said that he helped her transform her parenting style. In the caption, she said that she used to be the mother of a helicopter, but that she had enjoyed watching and enjoying her children growing up to adulthood. According to Rachel's social media, it doesn't look like she's married. He keeps his personal life off the Internet, but he didn't mention anything about his spouse in his homage to his father.

Instead, he mentioned his four children and the fact that he has 10 siblings. You'll never guess in which southern city the HGTV series “Breaking Bland” was filmed. Taylor will make his big debut on HGTV with 'Curb Appeal Xtreme'. She will help clients with custom carpentry and furniture for their outdoor living spaces on the HGTV show.

Before entering the carpentry business, Taylor worked as a consultant and professional banana bread manufacturer. After learning how to design and build custom furniture, he opened his own carpentry business in Los Angeles, California. Durie is no stranger to the world of HGTV shows, before 'Curb Appeal Xtreme', Jamie presented programs such as 'Backyard Takeover', 'The Outdoor Room', 'House Rules', 'Backyard Blitz' and others. By helping homeowners turn their gardens into their personal oasis, Curb Appeal Xtreme adds many challenging elements to the classic HGTV series.

But if you were to ask a real estate agent for advice on how to do it, most top agents would immediately tell you to focus on the outdoors. That is, external appeal is what makes or prevents potential buyers or tenants from quickly sticking with the ad. In an Instagram post, he described shooting “Curb Appeal Xtreme” as “the experience of a lifetime”, while recalling how he grew up watching HGTV. Longtime HGTV fans might immediately recognize John Gidding as the host of the classic HGTV show “Curb Appeal”.

Fortunately, HGTV's most recent offering, “Curb Appeal Xtreme”, might give you some ideas on how to decorate your outdoors. Rather, the new Curb Appeal Xtreme program features professionals working on renovating front and back yards.

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